Kludde, a 20-track compilation album of mythological folklore mayhem. The physical release will be in the form of limited edition custom made boosterpacks and unique artworks for each artist. Inside the booster pack you will find 20 tracks and 18 depictions of kludde.

kludde is a shapeshifting waterdemon from belgian folklore that walks on his hind legs and who jumps on to the backs of people wandering outside the city alone at night. When he catches you, you have to walk with him on your back until the first sunlight.

kludde often transforms himself into a tree, small and delicate at first, but rapidly shooting into the clouds, while everything it shadows is thrown into confusion. Again, he presents himself as a black dog, running on its hind-legs, with a chain round its throat; and will spring at the throat of the first person he meets, fling him to the ground, and vanish.

Occasionally kludde will assume the form of a cat, frog, or bat but he can always be recognized by two little blue flames fluttering or dancing before him. Sometimes he appears as an old half-starved horse, and so presents himself to stable-boys and grooms, who mount it by mistake, instead of their own horse or mare.

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