kludde, the shapeshifting water demon has been sighted

It still cracks me up.
Looking at this old picture of you. Boasting about the potato peels you’re wearing as accessoires around your ears. ‘Give it a few years’ you said, ‘then everybody will be doing it!’
You were right hahaha.
Only, everybody is doing it to a much larger extend

The development of a new sort of MESH Fabric’TM’ is what ushered in your little conspiracy. It is kind of difficult to explain how the fabric works because it was in our lives all of a sudden. But what i do understand is that it is coming from an organism native to the comet we are inhabiting and that it grafts with your skin. But the coolest feature is probably, since food is so limited, the mesh makes it able to store scraps and leftovers and moisture so that you go with long periods without food and in extreme scenario’s, even oxhygen. It basicly made everybody a walking compost bin. You would’ve hated it hahaha.

It’s still pretty unsettling thinking back on how we got stranded on this weird cometropolis.

Seven years since the last of us woke out of our cryogenic coma’s. Meaning it’s been… a hundred and sixty-seven years since we got seperated.

It was supposed to be the final gathering of our guild, our plan was to form an alliance with the mirages for we shared a common goal. On that day, we lost many. Unaware of the mercs that had been tracking us, we let our guard down…

And now we’re here somehow… On an ancient rock… That has a completly carved out interior palace… That also appears to be way way way older than the civilization it’s hosting... AND NOBODY IS QUESTIONING IT???

Anyway i have to go now… The Slugs don’t cook themselves hahaha… actually, they do hahaha! No but seriously i do hope you manage to intercept this broadcast, and in that regard all the other ones i send out…
Love you always.

Portalhopping brought us nowhere, it’s supposed to be less taxing on the body, but everyone failed to mention how it dehydrates your brain. Exhausted you stare at the portal thru which you’ve entered this realm spread eagle. At least 10 pillars high, sheesh! You want to kiss the sand for breaking your fall but your empty waterflask advices you otherwise.

Luckily you where the first to arrive so nobody saw your comedic entrance, however, it’s up to you to set up the hosting.

The effects of this realm are already taking shape. Endless mirages as far as the eye can see. Even though they are just illusions, the mirages on this plane are special we discovered that they have genetic codes and through reverse engineering these phenomena, managed to create a way to materialize the cravings that these mirages project. Not many of these devices around, and it practically cost the half of an entire bloodline’s metadata. But your blood is not important to you. This device is.

In a blink you turn the dessert into an oasis, the dry air made way for a cool breeze to take over. When you finished creating the dancefloor you hear the portal being used, the guests are rolling in. The gathering is starting.

We needed a new refuge. What happend to the last is speculation and considered taboo to bring up. Our soil, our sky, the spirits of the people. all have been hexed.

The sigils were placed deeply into your mind when you where just a green leaf. And even before your sprouting, other runes had been carved everywhere. Runes that outlived their creators for eons, started to have a mind of their own.

Hidding between lines and under the dust of time. The runes that were lingering on developed a sickening camouflage so that it became impossible for us to pin point their location. We tried to build tools and weapons to maybe stand a chance but instead of being destroyed, they were possessed.


We needed a new refuge, the old one is now the Beast. Our coms are infected, our vision dilluted, where do we go from here?

We decided this would be our last stand. Not some herioc act of valor, no, there were no heroes this day and age. It was rather a simple gesture. as our limbs were torn to shreds we looked into each others eyes and it dawned upon us. Our refuge was in each others eyes. the spectacle of gore was projected upside down into our facial orbs and we just laughed histerically.

For it made sense now.